Python Gtk+3 API

- PyGTK3 Widgets and Objects

  • Abstract Base Classes

    Widget, Container, Bin, MenuShell, Range, IMContext

  • Application support

    Application, ApplicationWindow, Actionable

  • Interface builder

    Builder, Buildable

  • Windows

    Window, Dialog, MessageDialog, AboutDialog, Assistant, Invisible, OffscreenWindow, WindowGroup

  • Layout Containers

    Box, Grid, Revealer, ListBox, FlowBox, Stack, StackSwitcher, StackSidebar, ActionBar, HeaderBar, Overlay, ButtonBox, Paned, Layout, Notebook, Expander, Orientable, AspectFrame, Fixed

  • Display Widgets

    Label, Image, Spinner, InfoBar, ProgressBar, LevelBar, Statusbar, AccelLabel

  • Buttons and Toggles

    Button, CheckButton, RadioButton, ToggleButton, LinkButton, MenuButton, Switch, ScaleButton, VolumeButton, LockButton, ModelButton

  • Numeric and Text Data Entry

    Entry, EntryBuffer, EntryCompletion, Scale, SpinButton, SearchEntry, SearchBar, Editable

  • Multiline Text Editor

    TextView, TextBuffer, TextIter, TextMark, TextTag, TextTable

  • Tree, List and Icon Grid Widgets

    TreeModel, TreeSelection, TreeViewColumn, TreeView, CellView, IconView, TreeSortable, TreeModelSort, TreeModelFilter, CellLayout, CellArea, CellAreaBox, CellAreaContext, CellRenderer, CellEditable, CellRendererAccel, CellRendererCombo, CellRendererPixbuf, CellRendererProgress, CellRendererSpin, CellRendererText, CellRendererToggle, CellRendererSpinner, ListStore, TreeStore

  • ComboBox, ComboBoxText, Menu, MenuBar, MenuItem, RadioMenuItem, CheckMenuItem, SeparatorMenuItem, ToolShell, Toolbar, ToolItem, ToolPalette, ToolItemGroup, SeparatorToolItem, ToolButton, MenuToolButton, ToggleToolButton, RadioToolButton, Popover, PopoverMenu

  • Selector Widgets and Dialogs

    ColorChooser, ColorButton, ColorChooserWidget, ColorChooserDialog, FileChooser, FileChooserButton, FileChooserDialog, FileChooserWidget, FileFilter, FontChooser, FontButton, FontChooserWidget, FontChooserDialog, PlacesSidebar

  • Ornaments

    Frame, Separator

  • Scrolling

    Scrollbar, ScrolledWindow, Scrollable

  • Printing

    PrintOperation, PrintContext, PrintSettings, PageSetup, PaperSize, Printer, PrintJob, PrintUnixDialog, PageSetupUnixDialog

  • Miscellaneous

    Adjustment, Calendar, DrawingArea, GLArea, EventBox, HandleBox, IMContextSimple, IMMulticontext, SizeGroup, Tooltip, Viewport, Accessible

  • Cross-process Embedding

    Plug, Socket

  • Recently Used Documents

    RecentManager, RecentChooser, RecentChooserDialog, RecentChooserMenu, RecentChooserWidget, RecentFilter

  • Choosing from installed applications

    AppChooser, AppChooserButton, AppChooserDialog, AppChooserWidget, EventController

  • Gestures and event handling

    Gesture, GestureSingle, GestureDrag, GestureLongPress, GestureMultiPress, GesturePan, GestureSwipe, GestureRotate, GestureZoom

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